Give the Gift of HOPE

We are excited to partner with the Tamar Center in a meaningful and simple way to make an impact.  A Gift of Hope will give the Tamar Center the opportunity to help a woman leave behind a life of prostitution.  It also reinvests into women working to create sustainability through the Tamar Center.  Sponsoring a Gift of Hope for $10 will simultaneously create a life changing opportunity while investing back into the organization seeing breakthrough in Pattaya, Thailand. 

How It Works

  • The women leading outreach at Tamar Center have a gift to bless the bar girls with. In a gift giving culture, this creates a sense of trust and value between the Tamar Center and the women
  • This gift includes a bag, bracelet, and scarf are a gift made by the women of the Tamar Center.  This is their source of income in their new lives.  
  • Inside the bag is also a coupon for free coffee at the Tamar Bakery as well as information on their English classes.  This allows an opportunity for a followup with these women which highly increases the ability to help them out and start a new life.  It also includes an invitation to our Soi 6 and 3rd Road churches that focus on the women from these regions.