The Hands of Hope Foundation has formed a partnership with the Hope for the Little Ones Foundation in Bulgaria. In collaboration with Rev. Ventsislav Stoykov, General Overseer of the Bulgarian Church of God and the Senior Pastor of Crossroads Church of God in the Capital city of Bulgaria, we are joining forces to stand for the "little ones", the orphans of Bulgaria.

The Problem

Malnourishment, lack of basic necessities, no education and absolutely void of love, are just a few of the many crimes being committed against humanity and the orphaned children in the country of Bulgaria. The crimes are being committed by institutions under the supervision of the Bulgarian government and have recently been brought to the light and exposed to the world through a BBC expose.

We are not talking about a remote location in the depths of the jungle, but in the south-east corner of old Europe. We are talking about the small country of Bulgaria where orphaned children are institutionalized to a life of severe abuse and neglect.  It is heartbreaking to see a 10 year old child weighing 22lbs.  It is believed a blind or a deaf orphan should never go to school because he or she is "damaged".  This is their reality



The Solution

Hope for the Little Ones has developed a solution and has successfully implemented that model for over a year, with some incredible results!  The Bulgarians have nicknamed it the "The Little House". In this small home, 6 to 8 children live with the appropriate caregivers, in a normal home environment, where they are loved, sang to, read to, nurtured and yes, nourished! "The Little House" is designed to be an in-between oasis of love, where a group of dedicated child development specialists and social workers work around the clock to find loving homes for each child!

The Mission of the "Hope for the Little Ones" foundation is aimed at improving the welfare of children deprived of parental care and creating better conditions for their care, growth, and development into healthy and complete individuals. The foundation is working to accelerate the deinstitutionalization of these children by developing alternative social services, such as the establishment and management of centers for the rearing of children in a family-style home, and the encouragement, promotion, and support of foster care, all in a loving Christ centered environment.

Hands of Hope Foundation, in collaboration with Hope for the Little Ones, and in partnership, with the Bulgarian Church of God, has committed to helping stop this crime against humanity. The Hands of Hope Bulgarian project is focused on raising financial support to help build more of these "Small Homes".

It costs $60 000 to fully fund a Small Home for a year. Each home hosts 6-8 children at a time and will minister to and place in permanent and loving homes some 12-16 children in a year. We have one model home established and it is our plan to begin by adding another one, and more beyond that, as the Lord provides.

We are also working with our Bulgarian Church Partners to send medical mission teams to the country, as there are nearly 15,000 institutionalized orphans in Bulgaria, all in desperate need of a home where nourishment, education and love will be provided by qualified caregivers, committed to love and believe in every child!

On behalf of Fatherless Little Ones in Bulgaria, your support is greatly appreciated and it may make the difference between life and death to one of God's little ones!

Be a part of making a "Small Home" possible